Who the heck am I?

I promised a little biography of sorts yesterday, so here it comes. If by some miracle you found your way here, I guess I should start with the name, Grits ain’t groceries. First, I’m not from the south, although I do enjoy grits and love love love, polenta which is basically Italian grits. However, if you know the blues (another love along with jazz), you know it’s a song title. I have lived north of the Mason Dixon line my entire life, both in the northern Midwest and in Colorado.

When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, but became a social worker. Now I want to be a professor, so I’m going back to school, again (third time’s a charm). It should be an interesting adventure and I’m hoping you will take it with me.

Some Reader’s Digest facts about me…My parents are still married to each other and are still in love after over 40 years. I have one brother and I saved his life, once. I love to cook, and while I see other people online making meals from scratch, I don’t know too many people who share this love. I will be trying out recipes, sharing my glories and my disasters.

I also love wine and have even studied it in New York. Maybe one day I’ll open a wine bar, or not. I also like to paint, knit and take pictures. You’ll get in on that, too. As I’m typing this, I’m also watching Doctor Who, so I’m a bit of a geek, but I’ll try and spare you that part. I always wanted a dog growing up and I’ve had two Boston Terriers. When my first BT died it was the worst day of my life. I’m on #2, Gus (Motif’s Helpin’ Cinderlee), and right now he’s sleeping cuddled against my leg.

I’ve had a lot of colorful jobs some which I loved and some, not so much and I’ll dish. Now I’m in a period of transition. I was inspired to quit my regular job (not a favorite), and make my dream a reality of teaching and doing research. It’s a bit ironic since, well, maybe I’ll tell that story later. I’ll try not to bore you with tedious things like packing, organizing and finding housing, but I’m sure it will seep in somehow.

So, if by now any of you are still here and still reading, I’m sure it’s “enough already! Move it along!!”, so I will…


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