First sock

IMG_0850, originally uploaded by lclea.

I learned to knit years ago when I lived in Colorado. My aunt is a wonderful knitter and taught me. I only finished a few piddly things and started a large complicated sweater, but gave up when I finished the front (I still have it and now know it by the term UFO-unfinished object). For years I was shamed by this UFO and didn’t knit a single thing until last year when the bug bit me again and after a couple of classes, wham bam thank you ma’am, and I’m knitting all kinds of things.

The sock, I learned online, is a mystical object when knitting. People become enthralled by sock knitting and are drawn to the yarn likes sailors to the sirens. So, being one who on occasion lives dangerously, I bought some yarn and gave it a go. This is the first sock I ever knit. It’s being modeled by Gus, my doggie. It’s tiny, but gave me a rough idea about what I should do. I’ve since taken a couple of classes and finished several other pairs, some fancy some plain, and while I have oh 10 or so skeins of sock yarn gathering dust in my knitting bin, I’ve escaped the addiction. So, I’m in the Socks that Rock sock club, so what?  Okay, I have over 20 skeins, who’s counting? And I can stop whenever I want. Mmmmmm, sock yarn…


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