scan0087, originally uploaded by lclea.

From the earliest I can remember, I wanted a dog. We weren’t an especially doggie family and made several attempts towards dog ownership with no success. I knew however I was going to get a dog one way or another. I was living in Colorado when my parents finally pulled the trigger and got a dog. He was a Boston Terrier a breed we knew well. My dad’s parents who had a wonderful BT, Magoo who I loved dearly. I would even try to sleep in his little doggie bed in the basement.  Well this is Bart our first Boston. Really the third child in our family.  I loved this little dog. He was a sweet, finicky, skinny little boy who stole our hearts with his googly eyes and good nature. My mom didn’t think he could bark because he was just a sweet little guy. I also loved him because he opened the door for me to get my very first dog, Jake since we used the same breeder. I especially loved him because Bart was devoted to my feisty little Jake, obsessed with him really. He was a good, good boy.


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