Come play with me

back gus, originally uploaded by lclea.

This is my spaz-y dog. He loooves the outside. He stalks, barks, pesks, and chases wildlife. Spent another day in the “new city” looking at this and that and am really ready for a few days downtime. Hopefully rain will stay away and I can continue striping a desk, and maybe get it sanded. I’m slowly working my way through this moving process. I found out the other day the name of the faculty I will be doing my research assistanceship with and did what anyone would do. I googled him. No luck, I’ll have to meet the man the old fashioned way. So, I’m honing in, getting there hopefully soon I’ll be regaling you with stories of my adventures in PhD-land, but for now, it’s boring moving, packing house hunting stories. Thus the need for a little dog play. Wish I was here.


Navy Pier

navy pier, originally uploaded by lclea.

Last 4th of July we spent it at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. What started as a seemingly great idea, oh so wasn’t. It was the perfect storm coming together. One of our dogs hates the 4th with all the loud noises, and the Ritz has really cheap rooms on the holiday. I mean really cheap. We stayed in this huge suite and this was one of our views. Its wasn’t an Oprah view, but it was fine. The view was great, but it just wasn’t for us. This year, we have no plans. Probably for the best. Still it was a nice view.

Air Gus

IMG_0080, originally uploaded by lclea.

This is my little guy.  He’s a good boy, but he LOVES his frizbee.  Heading off the school again to look for a place to live. No, I’m not the most indecisive person every, but I’m sure close. I just want to find just the right place. I’m still deciding between rent/buy, and I’m thinking I pretty much need a fenced in yard.   I just want to know where I will be roosting, then I can go from there. 

Then I’m back Saturday and off to the American Club for a spa/birthday weekend… Yah! I’ll be checking in , but it will be spotty.


let them eat cake

let them eat cake, originally uploaded by lclea.

So, a show of hands, who bakes their own birthday cakes? Well, I do. Not only do I enjoy cooking, but I also think I can make a scratch cake better than most of our local bakeries. That’s not bragging, that’s living in an area that’s at least an hour from any local non-supermarket bakery. Now, not that I’m saying my cakes are all that, but I made a dead on neoclassical buttercream (Thanks Rose Beranbaum), and a pretty good Devil’s Food cake (Thanks David Lebovitz). I put a chocolate ganche in the middle, and for me it didn’t work, it just got too hard. I need to rethink my middle layers. All in all, it was a great birthday. Good food, family fun and some delish wine. Not bad for a birthday on Friday the 13th.

Attack of the Killer Tongue

100_0576, originally uploaded by lclea.

This is my dog. He’s my second dog and it’s funny how even though they never met one another, they have similarities. Both hated riding in the car, but always wanted to go along. Both barked and protected the house, but I think dog #1Jake did it out of bravado, and dog #2 Gus does it out of fear. This guy’s a little ‘fraidy pants, but if a raccoon trys to get into the yard, watch out! He’s a great little dog, always looking to have fun. I’ll have to pay special attention to him during this move.