Cowboys and Indians

scan0101, originally uploaded by lclea.

I think I linked this a while ago, but it’s so cute I wanted to again. This is me and my cousin in Colorado a few years ago in one of those old time-y photo places. I’ve got several of these of me through the years, and maybe you’ll see more, but this is by far my favorite. Neither my cousin or I have a sister and we’ve been as close as and fought like sisters. What’s great is that we can always pick up where we’ve left off. We share the same past and have the same memories of growing up (from our own persepectives). We got together last night and caught up.  We’re basically the same, maybe a little older, a little melower and maybe a little more of us than when we were kids.  We don’t get together enough because she’s busy being a working mom of three and well, I’m busy being me. Here’s to the people in our lives who’ve been there from the beginning. 


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