let them eat cake

let them eat cake, originally uploaded by lclea.

So, a show of hands, who bakes their own birthday cakes? Well, I do. Not only do I enjoy cooking, but I also think I can make a scratch cake better than most of our local bakeries. That’s not bragging, that’s living in an area that’s at least an hour from any local non-supermarket bakery. Now, not that I’m saying my cakes are all that, but I made a dead on neoclassical buttercream (Thanks Rose Beranbaum), and a pretty good Devil’s Food cake (Thanks David Lebovitz). I put a chocolate ganche in the middle, and for me it didn’t work, it just got too hard. I need to rethink my middle layers. All in all, it was a great birthday. Good food, family fun and some delish wine. Not bad for a birthday on Friday the 13th.


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