Bridal Veil Falls

scan0405, originally uploaded by lclea.

This is one of my favorite hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a relatively easy hike, but you can get back to this great waterfall. What I love most about it is even in the middle of the summer when the rest of the park is swarming with tourists you can find it empty. This picture was taken the day after the 4th of July a few years ago. My boyfriend and I wanted a quick escape from the hordes of people and spent three hours up here all alone. It was a beautiful hot day and it was so peaceful. This was when I lived in Colorado and although I have since moved, I will always feel a special connection with this place. I usually get back to Colorado once or twice a year, but lately we’ve been going over Thanksgiving and I’ve missed this hot summer day treat. This year I should try it just for fun.  And no, I’m not avoiding talking about the “big news”.  I’m just trying not to jinx it.


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