Quality vs Easy

000_0044, originally uploaded by lclea.

I’ve thought about this dychotomy a lot lately. It seems like we live in a world where fast and easy is better for many people. We’ve lost touch with quality. Really good locally owned restaurants used to be commonplace in my hometown growing up. Slowly, most of them have gone away and been gobbled up by the chains. The “big boxes” have driven out the local hardware stores and although I shop at Walgreens, I can’t remember the last time I was in a locally owned pharmacy. They were commonplace when I was little and loved going there after chruch to get a little gift if I was good.

Then there’s food. So many people today feel like they “don’t have time to cook”. Now I understand that a lot of people don’t like to cook, and I get it. My grandma didn’t love cooking, but cooked several meals a day for her , and at holidays, I never could tell it was chore. My other grandma did love to cook, but worked her whole life.  She’d leave a casserole, or roast ready for my dad to pop in the oven when he got home from school.  She made it work, and her family got a hot homecooked meal. 

This is a spread we did for my grandma’s 90th birthday (you can guess which one).  I made everything from scratch. What you do see are the sandwiches and salads and the cakes and a summer pudding.  If this party was for you and someone took a day to cook up really great food for you, wouldn’t you feel special?  That’s the point.  It’s not that hard, and it shows you made a effort. It shows you cared enough to make something yourself.  I’m tired of “good enough”, or bring something but “you don’t have to make it”. 

Come on, people, step up.  We’re all busy, but we shouldn’t be too busy for some quality.


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