Operation Baking GALS

I’m sort of known for my chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them for friends, family, even made them and sold them for a fund raiser. They are tasty and soft and they don’t spread as thin as the traditional Toll House cookies do (at least for me). When I’m asked for my recipe, I usually change the subject. I could say, “it’s a family secret recipe”, and in a way that would be correct. When I was little these cookies were known as Grandma Cleeland Cookies. I mentioned in a previous post that my grandma loved to cook. It runs back on both sides of my dad’s family and I remember loving her cookies. She’s make large batches for us to take home after a visit. I remember the day she showed me how to make them, her way. She was older and couldn’t hand mix them anymore, so she used her hands, sans spoon ( no lovely Kitchen Aid). I helped, I was strong, but to her credit the dough was stiff. This was because to make her cookies have a bit more chew and thickness, she added more flour than the Toll House recipe called for. And that is my secret. Now I don’t use as much, but these are more in line with my tastes these days. There are days when the flour gets away from me and they do harken back to those cookies. After portioning the dough onto sheets, I usually throw a little salt on top a secret I learned from Odessa Piper, L’Etoile’s creator. Shese also taught to toast the pecans before cooking and I usually do that too.

These cookies are heading off to our troops. I’ve joined the Operation Baking GALS (give a little support), and using my mad kitchen skills to send some tasty cookies overseas. I’ve made care packages before, but this is more personal and I hope they enjoy them.

Coming up, a cookie smack down with the New York Times Chocolate Chip cookies recipes that’s setting the blog-o-sphere on fire.

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