Daring Bakers August

Daring Bakers August, originally uploaded by lclea.

Well, I got it done at least. While they were tasty, they weren’t exactly the prettiest eclairs ever made (sorry, Pierre Herme). I was so excited to get the Daring Baker’s Challenge this month, but then it was also the same month I was moving and starting my PhD program, finishing teaching my last class, etc. Bad timing and as a result my cusardy filling was a little, oh, loose. I’d love to try it again with another filling and maybe just a ganache as a topping.

If you want to see the real deal, go to http://daringbakersblogroll.blogspot.com

Oh, and I’m back!

One thought on “Daring Bakers August

  1. They look yummy!!!!! Congrats on the move and hopefully you and Gus are getting settled into your new life. We are busy as ever and surviving all the chaos. Keep up the blogging. I love to read them šŸ™‚ Donna

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