out the back door

out the back door, originally uploaded by lclea.

So I’ve be MIA for the past two weeks or so. That gave you plenty of time to view my “lovely” cream puffs. Ah, those were the days. I finally moved my pictures and my photoshop to the new computer, and I have an extra 10 minutes (not really), so I thought I would check in.

If you were wondering, getting your PhD is a lot of work. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school and it’s a definite shock to the system. I read about 12 readings a week on a variety of topics and have homework ranging from stats problems to papers critiquing the stuff I’ve been reading and class presentations, oh and then there’s the 20 hours a week as a research assistant. Yes, I said stuff, I intend to use absolutely no fancy schmacy shop talk here. There is also a whole campus/social work culture that I’m learning. I’m also learning that I can do this. It takes work and a lot of time, but I guess I’m sort of smart. Oh, granted I just started, but I’ve gotten over my first bought of “they let me in by mistake”, and am actually getting everything done. I have no other life, but the work gets done. Oh and I did the wrong readings today for my national policy class, maybe I’m not so smart…

This is a fall view out my back door. Lots of crickets (good luck, but hard to catch and release when they get inside), grasshoppers and spiders, and I hear the rodent population is planning an attack when the weather gets cooler, but right now it’s good.

And I’m procrastinating. I will shoot for a couple of posts a week, right now I have to get back to crunching numbers for a position piece my faculty partner and I will be using to convince an organization to let us research up their clients. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

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