sunset, originally uploaded by lclea.

So what’s up? I’m hanging tough as one of those boy bands would say. I really like everything I’m doing for my PhD, it’s interesting and challenging and I feel like I’ve engaged my mind again like I haven’t in years. I had my first hick up, probably not the last. Statistics and I are let’s say, not good friends. But I will persevere, I will overcome. Road block just show us how much we want something, and I want this.

What’s interesting is I’m learning all the insecure feelings you get when you start, most students have those too. Now that I’m in a little bit, I think this is something I can do. My doggie is off this week having a fun filled play date with his grandparents. I miss him, he’s a sweet little companion and it’s a little lonely down here without him.

This picture is out my back door and slightly west (of course). When I lived in Colorado we had great sunsets. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of them, but this one was pretty sweet for a flatlander sunset. I’ve decided not to promise about posting, I’ll post when I can. Until then, peace.


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