Under Pressure

I miss Freddy Mercury.  I was listening to my Ipod yesterday and Under Pressure came on.

Okay, A, it’s a great song.  For some reason, when I hear it everything just stops and its like my life is on a sound track.

B. it also was very appropriate since I’ve been slammed with work the last few weeks and was studying for another horrible stats test.  I was defiantly under pressure.  I hit repeat twice.

Then it hits me, Freddy Mercury’s been gone for an awful long time.  Freddy died back in November of 1991.  Back when we were in the early days, fighting the good fight against AIDS.  I remembered back to the friends I’d lost.  I remembered watching the NAMES project quilt grow. But Freddy, he was a one of a kind person.  So much talent, and died so young.

So pop on your Ipod, and rock out to some Queen and remember Freddy.



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