Back on the Horse

Back on the Horse, originally uploaded by lclea.

As I said yesterday, I love horses. If you look at the last post you can see me as a kindergartner on a rather large horse. A big memory of that ride was that I felt no fear. I never considered that I would fall off.

I have however not always stayed on the horse. I’ve been pitched twice. Once I was little. I remember being on the horse and then I was in the gravel. I probably cried, heck I was young, but I never considered not getting back on another horse.

The other time I was older. My family was in Colorado again and I was heading off for a six hour ride. On the longer rides occasionally we got to run the horses. I absolutely loved it and tried to canter/gallop whenever I could. A couple of hours into the ride right in the middle of a run, my horse hit a hole and tripped, rolled over on me and I was on the ground. I admit I was a little shook after all horses are heavy and it was so unexpected because I was a decent rider. This time I literally got right back on the horse. Luckily he wasn’t hurt and we finished the ride. We even got to run some more. I still love horses and someday I’m going to get one of my own.

I have to admit being a little bucked off today. Nothing serious, and tomorrow I’m right back on. This journey to my PhD is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be times when I can run full out and times when the horse rolls over on me. Its all about getting back on, getting back up and enjoying the ride.


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