Cashmere Hat

IMG_2254, originally uploaded by lclea.

Know what’s the best thing about laptops? You can blog from bed. Not that I am, of course not, how lazy…

Anyhoo, I noticed recently that I have been neglecting part of my blog. In big ole letters at the top it mentions all the things I’d envisioned my blog containing. I’m going to try and actually get more of those things into the blog. My start is knitting.

I was taught to knit by my aunt when we lived in Colorado. aside—Ever notice how a lot of good things happen in Colorado? For some reason, I am a natural at knitting. I just took to it. Now I’m not all sensei master about it like my aunt, but I’m not bad.

The thing is I love knitting.  It relaxes me and takes me to a happy place.  Also, when you’re done, you get a prize, a gift for all your work.  My trouble is I’m so busy now that it’s hard to justify taking the time to knit.  That being said, I’ve started knitting again.  Since I’ve been back at school I’ve started some socks (with the school colors, natch), finished a ribbed/ruffled scarf and a cool hat.

Here is the  little hat I whipped up. I’m all about hats. They are fast to knit and you can knit them in the round which is easy-peasy. This was a neat little kit we (actually my mom got for me) got at a LYS (local yarn shop). It’s a swirled rib pattern and looks spiffy. Please don’t laugh at my attempts to photograph it. That is a work in progress.

Looks like I’ll get a chance to wear it since the temperatures are dropping off the charts later today. Yah!


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