It’s not my First Rodeo

rodeo, originally uploaded by lclea.

Where the hell did popular phrase come from? Suddenly I hear it everywhere. I even heard Gayle King use it regarding Oprah’s weight gain explanation on the Today show (an aside, what was up with that? Um, we all have eyes did we really need both Oprah and Gayle to explain to us that she gained weight?). You know something is overused when Team O is bandying it about.

I first heard it oh about a year ago. A former co-worker was discussing a situation at work and said, “well she said its not her first rodeo”. It took me a minute and then I sort of fell in love with the phrase a little bit. It is folksy, it sounds like old time wisdom, and its just a bit flippant. I’d never heard it before. Then over the year, I can’t stop hearing it, everyone is saying it.

A quick google showed a country song with that as as the title, and it looks like Bush used it October ’07. Maybe its a southern term that has flown below my radar until now. Maybe everyone was always saying it and I’ve just started paying attention, much like when you buy and new car and suddenly see similar models everywhere.

Regardless, now it seems to be overused and I never got a chance to say it. To sound folksy and wise and a bit flip. The thing is I actually have been to rodeos (the casualty of living out west), and if I went to one, it would not, in fact, be my first rodeo. So maybe there is still a chance. Hope springs eternal.

**the editors of this blog present this entry as a cautionary tale of the dangerous combination of finals week and lack of sleep.


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