This is how I roll

IMG_2481, originally uploaded by lclea.

This is my process, my ugly, messy process. This is me writing a an 11 page policy paper. The huge stack of papers is my research and its laid out on my unfurled hide a bed. You can see my laptop in the upper left hand corner and those lights behind it are from my Christmas tree.

If this is what I do for 11 pages, what about 300 for my dissertation? I can’t go there yet. So far this year the longest paper I’ve written is around 23-24 pages without cover page, appendixes and references. I know there’s a lot of writing to come in the spring and I still have things to finish up towards the end of break.

Summing up my first semester of PhD life, I’d say its a lot of reading, a lot of writing and damn lot of talking, navigating new waters, meeting tons of new people and learning to be a student again. All in all good, there have been lessons learned and I think I’m finally getting into the rhythm of it.

I’ll have one or two more posts before the new year, and then off to 2009.

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