Top 10 Things I’m Over

gus tongue, originally uploaded by lclea.

10. Endless presidential news conferences, town halls, confabs, reports to Congress:  STOP TALKING AND JUST FIX THE COUNTRY

9. The Illinois budget, Oh sure let’s open up Lowden State Park for the 18 people who live in Oregon, and I guess we don’t care about  the universities, organizations and businesses that the state can’t pay

8. 8, 8 I forget what 8 was for

7. The glamor of “Green”, its everywhere, every magazine, every commercial, suddenly we’re drowning in green. I wonder how much resources are used up promoting the green?

6. The massive Sasquatch government cover up–the truth is out there

5. The Edge’s hat, is it really that cold everywhere?

4. The Bush bashing, he’s out, it’s over, move on people

3. Chain restaurants that are destroying the rich food culture in our country namely the small locally owned restaurant

2. Two and ½ Men, seriously how is this show still on the air?

1. Winter


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