Why the world needs S’meeps

Every year it happens.  Easter comes rolling in with its pastel sugar soaked goodness and yeilds the beginning of spring. Yah!   It also however, brings with it the harbinger of the holiday, Peeps.  I’ve never liked Peeps, there I said it.  It is possibly the underlying fear that the unused peeps just get recycled every year, either that or they taste gross.  That being said, they do look very festive in a Easter Basket.

Then I learned about s’meeps.  It is basically if s’mores and peeps had a baby.  It is possibly the best idea ever.  Who doesn’t like s’mores, and the peeps don’t have get tossed into the landfills and where they’ll hang around forever like styrofom.  The only glitch is umm, well someone apparently told the Peeps (see the picture above).  Check out both the recipe below and follow the links below to get in on the fun.

Happy Easter and don’t go waistin’ those Peeps!



– makes 4 s’meeps –

Adapted from Peeps: Recipes and Crafts to Make with Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat by Charity Ferreira.


4 Peeps (1 package)
4 graham crackers, separated into 8 halves
Four 1-ounce squares semisweet or dark chocolate (depending on preference)


1. Preheat the oven or toaster oven to 350°F.

2. Place a 1-ounce square of chocolate on 4 of the graham cracker halves. Top each chocolate with a Peep. Say your goodbyes.

3. Put your Peep sacrifice laden graham crackers on an aluminum foil covered tray and pop them in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes. Watch them carefully as toasting Peeps can turn into burn victims beyond repair in the blink of an eye. Vigilance!

4. Once the Peeps are toasted to your liking, take them out of the oven and squish them with a graham cracker half. Feast.




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