Quit Hatin’ on the Cornfields

Sky, originally uploaded by lclea.

Ok enough of the winter. Now that it seems like spring has finally gotten its act together it’s all good. In my last blog I poked fun at where I’m living saying it was in the middle of a cornfield. That’s a complete exaggeration, I live right next to a cornfield (huge difference). The upside is I have great views out my back windows. No Walmart or Target to mar my view. I get pretty awesome sunsets, but where it rocks is when we are gettin’ some weather. This is the last storm that blew in two days ago and it literally blows up and marches across the fields. Nothing is better than cracking open a cold one and watching the action.  I love this picture, you can just tell something’s coming. So all in all, cornfields aren’t too bad (besides the occasional critter, rouge farmers and distant mooing, but I digress).

Oh what am I doing posting when I should be crazy at the end of the semester, you ask? Well, my dear this is called procrastination. Let’s see how many blogs I can crank out before May 15th.


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