Free at last

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Well sort of. As of 2pm today, I completed the first year of my PhD program. How does it feel you may ask? Unexpectedly good.

Really really good. Now I’m not lounging all summer, I’m commuting 6 hours a week teaching in WI and working down in the cornfields of IL doing interviews, but with classes, I’m done. At least until the fall. Will I be writing any paper? No no papers. All the writing is done for now and it feels good.
Have you ever thought of getting a PhD? Well neither did I. If I had been asked when I was in high school if I would voluntarily go on to school beyond college, I would have slapped you and then laughed in your face. Well, that might me an overstatement, but I could never thought beyond my MSW that was the end of school for me, after all  I hated school.

Pause for dramatic irony
I do remember a prof. when I got my MSW encouraging us. He said he was at best, a “B ” student and was then working on his PhD. I paid very little attention. I just wanted the MSW and wanted to move I thought I would get licensed and do therapy with families. Life however intervened and people encouraged me to move on and do better. I was told I was wasting my talents and could do more. Now here I am working on my own PhD. One year down, 3 to go?
Right now, I feel like I am on summer break for the first time since high school. I’m going to enjoy it.

Right this second?  I’m enjoying a really great Kim Crawford Savingnon Blanc.  REALLY  NICE.  If you see it, buy it and sip it.  Welcome to summer!


I absolutely shouldn’t be blogging

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I should be writing or interviewing someone or something, but not blogging, let’s just get that clear up front. Anyhoo, right now I’m at 4, I have one paper turned in, both of my major remaining papers written except the findings and the revisions. I can almost start to see the sun coming up, but not quite. I cannot quantify the joy I will feel when I get this all done. I have gotten better about not waiting until the last minute to write everything, but I swear on a stack of Bibles next semester I will be better.
Anyway, 4-ish to go and I can tackle all the stuff that’s been on hold for the last week.

33 and counting

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I am at the place on one of my papers that I like the best, the last page, the conclusion. Don’t laugh, I’m not done just because I”m on the last page, far from it. I still need to review it, proof it, add the bib (some, thank you Refworks, is easy and some I add by hand), but I’ve slogged through bulk of the writing and now I get to say my peace. I get to bring it all together and make all the elements  appear seamless. I get to create that ah moment (not aha moment, please don’t sue me Oprah), where the reader sees the path I’ve taken them on and make all the connections I want them to make. This is why I write, it’s all about the last page baby. Oh and you can see by the title, I’m no where near completely done.