33 and counting

IMG_2729, originally uploaded by lclea.

I am at the place on one of my papers that I like the best, the last page, the conclusion. Don’t laugh, I’m not done just because I”m on the last page, far from it. I still need to review it, proof it, add the bib (some, thank you Refworks, is easy and some I add by hand), but I’ve slogged through bulk of the writing and now I get to say my peace. I get to bring it all together and make all the elements  appear seamless. I get to create that ah moment (not aha moment, please don’t sue me Oprah), where the reader sees the path I’ve taken them on and make all the connections I want them to make. This is why I write, it’s all about the last page baby. Oh and you can see by the title, I’m no where near completely done.


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