Wee Forest of Christmas Trees

Wee Forest of C_Trees, originally uploaded by lclea.

Papers are done and for the most part, my research is suspended until after the first of the year. Oh, I’ve got plenty to do, don’t get me wrong. I can work on the class I’m teaching this spring, or cross some t’s on the grant application we are turning in on the 23rd (don’t there people have any concept of holidays?). So let’s say I’m done-ish. Regardless, I’ve taken a little time to do some holiday baking. I went all out, watched It’s a Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, the Doctor Who Christmas special (I will miss David Tennant). It is a whole Christmas-palooza. Maybe it was too many rum balls, but I thought it would be fun to try Bakerella‘s Christmassy cake balls. I ended up batting about 500. As you can see I made the Christmas trees, which all in all ended up pretty good. I also attempted some snowmen, and they were  hot mess.  They didn’t want to stay on the lollipop stick. Don’t know why, but these candy covered cake ball thingies were fun to make. Enjoy my little forest.

Oh the one thing I forgot, I need to transport these wee beasts back to Rockford…3 hours in the car, sigh. Wish me luck.


A Breakup Note…

Dear Lovie-

I think it’s time we had a talk.  I can remember the good times, the Super Bowl, Urlacher, scoring Cutler, ah those were the days, the days of promise.  But we didn’t win the Super Bowl, Urlacher got hurt and Cutler… I just can’t talk about that.  Sigh…  It’s not me, it’s you.  You’re a one trick pony and baby that trick has been done.  I think it’s best if I see other coaches.  I have my eye on Mike Shanahan, hell he could reuse all his Denver gear and just switch out the logos.  But I digress, this is just between us.  It’s not working anymore, I’m sorry.  I’m sure you can find another job with some unsuspecting team (stay away from Illinois), but until then we really should go our separate ways.


—Every Bears Fan on the Planet

PS.  Yah I know the season isn’t done, go ahead and go, it won’t matter.