Why I cook

IMG_1939, originally uploaded by lclea.

Ruhlman posted his own list about why he cooks and invited people to do the same. I thought I would take a crack at it. This is an old picture of a rather splendid cake I made last year. Right now, ironically I’m not cooking, taking a break streamlining my cooking to try and tighten in a bit.

Anyway…….back to the topic, why I cook:

I cook because:
-I love food
-It calms me
-I love to feed people
-I’m good at it
-I love shopping for the best ingredients
-I love meeting the farmer’s at the market and helping support locally grown products
-I get a kick being able to make things most people can’t
-I’m carrying on a family tradition
-I can control what goes into my body
-oh come on, cooking is fun!
The only reason why I wouldn’t cook:
-the dishes


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