Why Lloyd Dobler ruined me for other men

Alright ladies of the ‘80’s, we all know this is true.  It is one of those undiscussed facts, Lloyd Dobler ruined us for any normal guy and it is quite possible Lloyd is the cause of the high rate of divorce.  Who can live up?  Not to cast stones, but I’m just sayin’…

When Say Anything first came out, I don’t remember it being some huge hit, I’d say it was a sleeper.  It was another one of those teen aimed romantic comedies starring John Cusack.There were others, but what made this one last, what made it special?

Well, I’m teasing that apart with a list, but dang it, John/Lloyd, “real” men just pale.

It’s not fair.

Reasons Why I’m still looking for Lloyd Dobler

10.  He’s cute in a nerdy way

9.  That long coat

8.  His best friends are other girls

7.  He’s respectful to her dad, sort of

6.  He loves her because of, not in spite of, the fact that she is smart

5.  He doesn’t change who he is

4.  He doesn’t try to change who she is

3.  When needed he STEPS UP

2.  He doesn’t give up

and oh come on say it with me…

1.   Boombox-above the head- Peter Gabriel– In your Eyes

Any guy does that for me, you’ve got me, babe, ’nuff said

So thanks, Lloyd, I’m still single and still waiting for my own Dobler.

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