Top 10 reasons why I’m “glad” the Bears aren’t in the Super Bowl

1.  I’m much more comfortable with angst than with victory and joy.

2.  This leaves room for time traveling 1985 Bears to come back and whup both the Packers and the Steelers in the Super Bowl…What? It could happen.

3.   Makes the Cubs feel better, misery loves company.

4. Um… losing builds character?

5. Now I don’t have to throw an expensive, fun filled Super bowl party, and have more time for work/studying, YAH!

6.  I can put away my Bears gear and make more room in the closet for sweaters.

7. That “Wait ‘till next year” tattoo I got makes a lot more sense.

8.  I forget what 8 was for…

9.  Green Bay and Pittsburg have so little going for them as cities, we’ll throw them this bone.

10. No danger of watching the game with high hopes of my team winning only to be cruelly dashed by complete suckage.  Yes, ’07 Bears, I’m lookin’ at you.