I dub thee Proposal Cake

2015-02-28 18.15.46-1

I don’t have much time, but I’m dropping in for a second just to take a break from writing. I’m working on submitting my proposal for a defense date of April 7th.  It seems like it’s way off, but there is spring break and my adviser’s trip to factor in, so it feels tight.

I’m working away, but I need to take small breaks and over the course of a few small breaks yesterday I made this wee cake.  It’s just a 8×8 fun cake I made from a Smitten Kitchen recipe you can find here.  It is wicked easy and holy crap, it’s so good.  I’m eating little bits to keep me going.  You know just to keep my energy up, yah, that’s it.  So I’ve named it proposal cake and by the time I’m done with it, I’ll have my first draft off to my adviser.

Still wish me luck, proposal cake’s magical powers only work so hard.


Air Gus

IMG_0080, originally uploaded by lclea.

This is my little guy.  He’s a good boy, but he LOVES his frizbee.  Heading off the school again to look for a place to live. No, I’m not the most indecisive person every, but I’m sure close. I just want to find just the right place. I’m still deciding between rent/buy, and I’m thinking I pretty much need a fenced in yard.   I just want to know where I will be roosting, then I can go from there. 

Then I’m back Saturday and off to the American Club for a spa/birthday weekend… Yah! I’ll be checking in , but it will be spotty.


Housing search 2.0, a rant

IMG_0723, originally uploaded by lclea.

Holy Mole, I just spent the last two days hip deep in some of the skiviest places to live I’ve seen in a long time. This little cabin looks like the Ritz next to some of them. I wasn’t remembering college housing being so, a-hem, rank. The memoires are fuzzy as if viewed through some alcohol laced haze, hmmm. I need Rid just from visiting these places. No fear, I’ve got my hazmat suit and I’m heading back next weekend for more. Woohoo!

P.S. In fairness, there were a couple of decent, if pricey options, but I ask, for the love of God, where is the middle ground?!