Fading Fall

Dark Aspen, originally uploaded by lclea.

It pretty much feels like we are hip deep in fall and as in all falls changes are coming. I’m a planner, I like to plan and line up my ducks and make lists, all the good planner-y stuff. I hate having my pretty little ducks all lined up to discover I need to fit in a fat goose. So far I’ve had a pretty mellow fall, and yesterday I was presented with a pretty different option for the spring. I would start my independent study which means doing some of my own research and convincing people to let me work with them. I also might help teach a course I helped create last spring. It would involve a lot more work than I’d intended, but it feels right. I have to resist my duck rowing list making side that resists change, since if I listened to it I would still be working for a company that didn’t value me in a job going nowhere. I think I’ll let them duke it out for a little while and let it sink in.

I love fall, but hate change what’s up with that?